The best tricks for booking air flights

In the internet jungle of all the proposals it is increasingly difficult to find the best tricks to book flights. It is no coincidence that the web is called this way: web means “spider web” . There is on the spider, which uses it to move in all directions (because it knows ” where to put the legs “), and there are so many insects that we simply remain trapped. Who would you like to be? Maybe it sucks to eat the insects (or maybe, just traveling you will soon experience these “delights”). But you must know how to use it, the “web”, or you will be the fly.

5 simple tricks to book flights

  1. Definitely the first trick to get the best tickets and at a very low price to make reservations very early and, of course, in low season.
  2. Register. The sites on which to book flights are many and offer more or less the same possibilities. The advice is to specialize with a couple, so that you know the interface well, understand the many pitfalls – trust me there are always – and still check the price at least twice. Once you get to know a couple of portals well, sign up to receive specific alerts about offers related to the ticket you’re interested in.
  3. Move in incognito. When searching, do it using “incognito” pages on your browser. For example with Chrome it opens from the drop-down menu that comes up by clicking on the dots in the upper right corner. Some companies, in fact, modify the prices based on cookies to take advantage of your interest or to make you feel that the prices are rising so that you can book as soon as possible.
  4. Buy “from abroad”. Also check that the website of the company does not offer a better price if you access it from the foreign version (usually that of the country you are going to or in any case the country of origin of the company itself).
  5. Mid-week flights. Tuesdays and Thursdays – or in any case the days in the middle of the week – are often the cheapest to fly. These are uncomfortable days both for those who work (usually from the beginning to the end of the week) and also for those who go on vacation, who want to take advantage of weekends. Not only will the tickets cost less, but the planes will be much less crowded!

Other tricks for booking air flights

Do you know the ” Tuesday booking ” trick ? Although now quite widespread (we also said this on TV at GEO on Rai 3) it is still quite valid. Several airlines put the most interesting offers online on Monday and from there to the next day the other companies follow suit by updating price lists and discounts. Lately, some sites recommend, given their latest statistical research, that the best day to book is Monday instead .However, these two first days of the week remain those in which it is assumed that the best offers can be obtained.

Then look for the so-called ” coupons “, those put on by the airlines: they often really work. Visit various dedicated sites, preferably foreigners, there are many. Then try entering the code at the time of booking to check if it really corresponds to a saving.

There was also an old trick that has now been banned because it creates problems for the airlines, but there seem to be many travelers who still take advantage of it, although it can only be done when you only have hand luggage. It is a question of buying a ticket for a longer journey but which stops at the desired destination . It seems strange but for a number of particular reasons this solution is sometimes more convenient than buying a direct ticket. For example, a traveler who has to go to Oslo buys a ticket to Moscow (via Oslo) because it is cheaper. Arrived at the destination of the airport instead of taking the connection yes goes to the exit.

Tips for booking low-cost air flights

To save on low-cost tickets, it is even more important to book very early and, of course, in low season.

A fortiori the registration to specific sites will allow you to receive any special offers.

If you do not have a precise destination but just want to take a low cost low-cost flight to explore maybe a European capital, on this kind of portals you can also do a search with destination within a specific country or by entering¬† ” anywhere ” to search offers with any destination.

If you also have flexibility in the dates you can do a search without entering a specific day but asking for the most convenient month for that specific route. In the screens you will then see that there is the possibility of choosing the single date based on the lower price.

Remember that even for low-cost flights the trick described in the previous paragraphs is to carry out theincognito search .

Then check the price in the destination currency . If your credit card has no special fees for payments in foreign currency this can sometimes be more convenient.

And if you have decided to fly low cost remember to check the destination airports and related connections and the baggage clauses.