Luxury travel where to go?

Or a top-floor penthouse in Burj Kalifa, Dubai. Or a suite on the Champs Elysées in Paris with a view of Tour Eiffel. The destinations for luxury travel, where to go for unique experiences are truly varied. In this article I propose a few to tease a little ‘your imagination and who knows. The proposed destinations are, each in a different way, capitals in their way of a certain way of understanding luxury. You have the choice for your next trip…

Paris: a luxury journey to experience the capital of luxury

There are cities that more than others can represent in the collective imagination the idea of luxury and elegance. And Paris can certainly be the destination par excellence to make a luxury trip, where going means being able to live an unforgettable experience. It must be said, just thinking of Paris, that the idea of luxury goes beyond the established canons and can find itself in the most diverse situations.

What makes a place, a city, the ideal destination for a luxury trip, is the possibility that at every corner you can find your ideal luxury: that it is a 7-star hotel, that it is a place where elegance is the only amount required to enter. A private boat to sail along the Seine in the moonlight. A driver to take you through the most exclusive shopping streets. Paris can be all of this and you don’t have to live these experiences all at once. Luxury can be a single experience as part of a larger journey.

Among the luxury trips where to go because at least once must be seen: Dubai

In the heart of the desert where water, speaking of luxury, has been a privilege for centuries, one of the greatest shows staged by man to establish his primacy over nature comes to life: Dubai. A city in a continuous expansion that in a few decades has changed the face of the desert and the sense of luxury. Unstoppable skyscrapers that defy gravity, the largest hotel chains, the most prestigious brands in the world of luxury have found a home in this small piece of desert, transforming Dubai from a modest fishing village to a monumental tribute to man’s ability to create and bend nature to his projects.

A luxury journey, where you can go to enrich yourself, as well as your hotelier… is an experience that can never be an end in itself but must be the opportunity to savour aspects of life, capable of positively influencing your perception of beauty and elegance, taste and well-being. Luxury in Dubai means being able to put all this together.

Because New York, it’s still a luxury journey where you can go to understand what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Some cities inspire those who visit them and those who only hear about them. But more than others, it is the absolute icon of many things, among which, undoubtedly, luxury is one of them. Who has never seen at least once the entrance of the Waldorf Astoria is one of the many films that tell the wonders of this city, able like few others to dictate the rules of luxury? If it is true, as it is true, that to land in New York, means for any brand that operates in the field of excellence, to have reached a goal. The “big apple” is still, even though decades have shifted the coordinates of world luxury towards the East, the irremovable point of reference of what is modernity, present and future of creativity in the field of luxury.