Find out which is the best site to buy flights

I’ve always seen something else. In a cobweb, there’s usually only one spider that makes a good run of all the other spiders that are insects that get trapped in it. Also in Italian, it is called “the net”, similarly an object that has many connections but that also traps. So you have to be very careful in using this tool if you want to be on the side of those who take advantage of it and not those who fall victim to it. Let’s try for example to find out which is the best site where to buy flights.

The only real best site where to buy flights

The best site to buy flights is one of the companies you want to fly with. For several reasons, the flight may cost a little more on their site. However, you only need to run into an inconvenience once (like a big delay on the connection) to understand how important it is to have the guarantees offered by the direct purchase.

In this regard, if you choose to book through an intermediary, be very careful that the flight is managed by a single company or at most in codeshare. This offers you more guarantees in case of cancellations, delays, etc., especially on connecting flights. Also, about all ancillary services such as the choice of place and any free baggage you would then have a direct relationship with the company, having a reservation code issued by them.

But to choose a better site where to buy flights on how to know in advance which company to travel I have to compare its offer with that of other companies? You can’t start looking for them individually for each flight operated on that route and compare them. And that’s why several sites already do it automatically. These are the portals that I highly recommend because, among other things, they also compare prices with the various and well-known brokerage sites, thus allowing you to make a comparison and assess whether it is worth paying a little more by taking the ticket directly from the company.

Choose the best site where to buy flights

As you may know, more or less all the sites that offer most of the flights available because they are OTA (Online Travel Agency). But the portals that directly compare all the various agencies and also the prices directly of the airlines are certainly more advisable for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph.

My favourite, I think that by now you’ll have more than understood, is, not only because I really like the interface, very practical, but also because it allows in a very simple way to search for entire countries or with “everywhere” as a destination (to simply search for offers or get inspiration).

On the same site, moreover, if you also have flexibility in the dates, you can search without entering a specific day but asking for the most convenient month for that specific section. In the screens, you will then see that there is the possibility to choose the single date based on the lowest price. And so on.

Evaluate other similar sites and choose the one with which you find yourself best. Better if you have a couple, so you can compare prices, you never know.